April 2020 Devlog

by Glenn on Thursday, April 30, 2020

2020 Huh?

Hello there! So the past two months sure have been a crazy time huh?

As we’ve all been self isolating I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve been able to and wanting to spend time further developing this game. I’ve been getting back on track with some outstanding tasks and making some decent progress. Though I’ve been able to be productive in terms of both my game development and video editing there is seriously no pressure at the moment to get anything done and I think it’s important that you do what is right for you. I’ve found it inspiring to continue to work but it’s important to just look after yourself and those you care about in the present times.

Monsters and inspiration

Anyways, back to gross despicable creatures and games that try to show them in all their hideousness. With the game my current focus has been getting through some of the level design, environment modelling and modelling the additional monsters that will appear as NPCs. I’ve now modelled four of the ten monsters, that’s including Flotsam that you’ve already seen. There’s some really weird looking things that are in the pipelines so stay tuned. Or read further! Actually the one below isn’t that gross, just weird looking I guess.

I’ve mentioned him before but the original illustration and designs for the monsters are being drawn by Richard Brett Mann who is really just an incredible illustrator. The detail! Honestly I do sometimes wish there ware less detail in some of the designs he’s sent me. Here’s his Instagram if you want to check more of his work. Please do!

The remaining 3D character modelling that I’m doing in Blender should come together fairly easily now that I have my workflow sorted. There’s still additional texturing, rigging and some animation to do but that’ll all set to be finished in a few months. FYI there’s no combat in this game so the animation required for each monster is pretty minimal.

A new monster is revealed! Morphous!

Meet Morphous! He’s a collector. He’ll try collecting you too so you should be careful around him. Well you should be careful around all of the monsters in The Abnormal Place.

Levels and some gameplay

Level design is progressing better now than it ever has. I have three quarters of the game laid out now. The hotel at the end of the game, the most difficult level will take the longest to finish though. Each of the levels will take further time to refine once the game is fully playable(internally) which should be mid year. So yes I’m confident with the progress that’s been made and the systems I have in place that I can continue with the development of the game and push for my current release date next year.

Time to get into specifics…

What does every interdimensional hotel and resort need? Well if you’re a carefree monster without a care for personal safety then the obvious answer is a Junkyard!

You need to find your way out, to the top of that hotel in the distance. The path is long and the monsters may help or they may lead you straight to your death. What sort of dangers. Here’s a couple of things to watch out for:

Things that can break like old bones, glass and broken looking things. Just be wary of all of these please.

Also watch out for sharp objects, obviously.

Over the next month Ill be working across the next three levels and then it’s time to focus on the hotel. There’ll be more exciting things to share soon! Until then, take care of yourselves.