February 2020 Devlog

by Glenn on Friday, February 28, 2020

Here be monsters!

It has been two too many months(three actually) between devlog blog posts. This devlog post is here to rectify that problem. So what’s with the tardiness and what’s changed since last year?

Well firstly I finished up my part/full time job in December so that I can focus on my creative projects. What this now means is that I’m splitting up my time between this here game and another project which is a boardgame focused youtube channel called Cook That Game. You could say I’m passionate about making games and showing how much joy they can bring to your life through the use of video. That is long winded though so you probably wouldn’t actually say that. I’m not seriously dedicating all my time to games as I do need downtime, exercise, social and relationship time and whatnot, also crunch culture is bad and it’s not the way to do things. Game-life balance!

Anyways, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made on the game and i’ve made great improvements on both how it looks and feels. Concerning style, I’m specifically after a spooky looking aesthetic. The game has a creepy feel to it but is also has splashes of colour making it more playful.

I’ve also updated this here website and it looks so much better!

The Abnormal World

Since the end of last year the game has undergone some reconstruction as I’ve honed in on the world creation and focused on gameplay.

Story time. Upon entering The Abnormal Place you’ll find yourself at the outskirts of a hotel and resort. You’ll know this as you talk to the first monster you come across who is actually pretty helpful, lucky as not all of them will be so harmless. You’ll also see the hotel in the distance. This is where you’ll be needing to get to. Why? Because you’re trapped! You’ve been pulled into this place by some unknown mechanism and you must find out why and try to escape.

This world can be hostile but there are pockets where you’ll be safe and free to talk and explore. Oh and the monsters and inhabitants of this world will often call you a fool or, The Fool for being here and rightly so. These creatures seem to find you a source of constant amusement and will laugh at your expense. Very rude!

Survial Platforming

There’s a whole lot that can kill you. You see you can’t really die here in The Abnormal Place. That’s why monsters travel far and wide to visit, so that they can experience the neverending enjoyment of being spiked, squashed and squished. This loophole applies to you too! When you die your previous body will occupy that same space where your essence seperated.

There are many ways you can use this to your benefit, like avoiding deadly spikes.

Pushing things around

You don’t just rely on using your dead body to move about. You can also push objects around, you can break stuff, climb things and avoid seriously harmful sharp objects by timing a good ground hug.


I’ve begun adding some customization options to the game. Here are some hair options for the main character. At the moment there is only a female playable character but I’m thinking about adding a male character as well.

You may also notice a new outfit. This is the test dummy outfit, some other options will also be available.

I’m really enjoying the new shorter style hair the most, the others need some fixing. Also colour!

The character customization will happen at the start of the game once you arrive. Basic options will be provided but customization is something I would like to build upon in the future.

More to come

There’s so much more to talk about like the levels and new monsters but I’ll be getting into more of that next month.

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