First Blog post

by Glenn on Friday, May 17, 2019

About Me

Hello there! I’m Glenn. The second ‘n’ is silent BTW. I’m an Australian based software developer and filmmaker based in Brisbane. This blog exists as I would like to express my interest in creating a video game.

So video games have been a big part of life since I was a little baby child. I grew up on Nintendo, Mario and Zelda and am still and always will be a lifelong fan. I’m drawn to the amazing worlds and creations of Studio Ghibli, From Software’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne and all things horror and the surreal. I’ve been tinkering with game development since 2015 and have been developing a solid idea of a game for the past two years. Funnily enough this is the blog for that game! The game I’ve wanted to create has taken shape in my mind and its now time to give it a chance of a real life. There’s quite a lot to do as it’s still in the design phase of its development so a release time frame is a while away. Once the gameplay and aesthetic comes together more completely I’ll let you know when this thing will be playable.

The Game

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The game puts you in the role of trying to survive a dysfunctional hotel and resort where the guests are absurd unsightly monsters that come to relax in their own weird ways. Caught in a dimension between time and space the hotel has been left to ruin the hotel has been left mostly abandoned. Your presence will be needed to reactivate the portals that will reopen the gates to all sorts of disgusting and horrific entities.

The game will have mysteries and quests to unravel and will feature some light puzzles and survival elements. There’ll be friendly monsters that can help you and that also desperately need your assistance. Some creatures will try to eat you so it’s best to be careful.

Nothing that you see in the screenshots and videos is final at this stage. The general aesthetic of the game will be strange and otherworldly, there will be some horror elements but this is not a horror game. This game is more about creating a small world and a playground for all that come to visit. There is luggage to check in and mysteries to unravel!

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More soon!

That’s it for now but go subscribe on the Facebook page or on Twitter. I’ll post development and behind the scenes updates here regularly as well as video, screenshots and GIFs. More cool stuff soon! :-)

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