July Devlog

by Glenn on Monday, July 22, 2019

Bringing it together

So the past month and a half has been focused on resolving pipeline issues and getting to more of the game creation. The good stuff! So many exciting game design elements have come together so that as a whole the game is taking shape. Progress with: asset pipeline, level creation and importantly, gameplay.

Creepy monster things

alt text

Firstly the playable character has more of a moveset now and is more animated. There’s more a lot fine tuning to do here still. The monsters in the game are coming to life with the introduction of Flotsam, the blob thing that floats. I’d like to add an additional animation to the monsters, and it would be great to add character voices too, like garbled non-sensical sounds for each instead of just scrolling text, will see about this though. More characters are coming of course, I’m aiming for a minimum of 10 interactable monsters in the game each with unique dialog trees.

A game to play

alt text

Gameplay and levels have a more standard pipeline now with grey boxing happening first before art assets are created. The core gameplay should work regardless of how the game looks so having a way to test the game part of the game is more ideal. Greyboxing allows me to get to the core meaty gameplay experience first. Once this is proven I can then see what elements I need and go about creating them. Testing needs to be incorporated at the completion of the greyboxing to see if there are issues that need addressing. More decorative 3D environment models can be created later to help fill out an area. The way I was going about all of this previously just wasn’t efficient. Also, thankfully, because I’m going for 3D designs that are relatively low in poly count and texture detail, each environment model won’t take long to manufacture. I’m also getting much better at using Blender whilst I’ve been learning and building which helps speed things up. Sidenote, Blender 2.8 is superb.

Misc. stuff

A lot of time and work has also gone into:

  • Understanding Unity rendering and lighting in more depth.
  • Splitting up levels and Level streaming so that the player experience is continuous.
  • Optimization research and performance, trying to keep that framerate high oh yes.
  • Various gameplay fixes.

So yeah, a sizable amount of progress I think. More exciting updates next month!