June 2020 Devlog

by Glenn on Saturday, June 27, 2020

Hello there again fans of this here game blog. So I’ve been incredibly busy, too busy to write last month’s blog apparently. The past couple of months I’ve been developing out the game’s levels and making a boat load of improvements across the board. Positive developments from this is that I have a significant portion of the game now playable. From some playtesting and feedback there’s alot of things that work such as: game state, saving and loading, dialog system and streaming the levels in. Progress! And alot of bug fixing too.


The types of gameplay in the game is obstacle avoidance, avoiding hazards, traps and machinery. Very time and envrionment based. That’s what you’re encounter when you explore the world. There’ll be some puzzle elements and dialog options with the monster characters that’s intended to spice this up. The gameplay style is a blend of a couple of game styles. A fair amount of work still needed here and balance will be important. Here’s a few peaks of what’s in store:

UI and Accessibility

The game has an intentionally bare UI. Most of the UI work for the game will consist of menu/options and any accessilble features. Accessibility is important to a lot of people myself included so I’ll be making sure I get this right for what the game needs. Accessibility also involves making the game more easily understood.

The world is designed with some deliberately obtuse paths, visual design and dialog will help guide the player in the direction they need to go. Having said that there’s still use for navigation markers to make it easier. These will be disabled by default but can be enabled with a quick access button.

Coming Up

The look for the game so far has been somewhat flat. In between fleshing out the rest of the game I’ve been focusing in on the lighting and texturing. Lighting can be broken down in the following key areas:

  • Colour
  • Direction, intensity and soft vs hard lighting
  • Shadows and patterns
  • Dynamic lighting and shadows
  • General composition

My interest in lighting and cinematography and use of some key references will help guide me through this.

Texturing, detailiing and general refining on the world will take some time and I’m dealing with this in small steps at the moment. Once the gameplay and narrative are 99% locked then the aesthetic will become my major focus.

Next month I’ll hopefully have more to share regarding sound and animation.

Lastly, I’m assisted by Australia’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme which allows me to develop my mixed media business strategy of interactive media and video production. If you’d like to read more about NEIS then go visit the website: New Business Assistance with NEIS

Til then, stay safe everyone!