PAX Australia

by Glenn on Sunday, October 6, 2019

PAX 2019

Yes I am going to be at PAX Australia! Not in any official capacity as the game is still a bit too early in its stage of life but I will be there. I’m also going to be attending GCAP and I’m really excited for checking out the indie showcase at Parallels this Thursday night in Melbourne. So much to look at, listen to and take in. I’ll be handing out some promotional material too to help spread the word, specific words, about this game here.

I updated to logo recently as well, though it needs more squirminess added to it.

alt text

Some context

alt text

Progress has been slow the past two months as I’ve been juggling other work commitments. I do web development part time at the moment but have also picked up some freelance video work so that has kept me busy.

A part of the purpose of this project is to help me focus on a big project and to see it through to the end. I’ve been able to do this on previous large in scope projects for both software as well as film/video jobs. I do have attention problems though so my ability to see things through to completion needs improvement. I’d like to create lots of things but none will get made if I don’t focus. That means limiting projects whilst not restricting myself creatively. Having good habits helps, scheduling and tracking where my time goes and being accountable to others is also hugely beneficial.

Creating a game like making a film or writing a book can be quite difficult(no, no one knows how Stephen King writes so many damn books), but it’s worth doing and worth doing well. Well I think so!

I’m wearing alot of hats at the moment and I’m getting better at wearing those hats. There’s a design hat, there’s an artist hat, there’s a programmer hat, there’s a business hat and a seperate marketing hat, there’s even a tiny hat that sits on top of a larger hat. I enjoy learning and like film making, game development requires a lot of skills. Good useful skills for building things and doing work that you desire to do.

Actual Progress Update

Game development recently has focused more on fixing bugs, looking at performance and scoping design and content for the rest of the game. There’s some pesky character controller issues that are persisting so I may need to fix those once and for all or look at an alternative. Real performance can be found with the current base of the game as I’ve been able to run at 60fps on my 2013 PC and my newer laptop runs great. Some more optimizations will be needed though as there’s additional world and AI controllers that need adding and more gameplay elements of course.

There’s areas like animation and music that I’d like to spend much more time on. The look and feel of the game is very important no just for me but for it even being marketable. General lighting needs fixing and more emphasis placed on shadows, additional light sources and light rays. The general aesthetic of the game can be seen already but there will be a push into more dramatic setups. There will be a big push with sound effects and music, I first need to understand how the game content is to be represented in a way that varies and shifts as you progress through the game. Levels and sub levels have particular moods and themes, motifs can reoccur too. Variety is important. The game feels very somber at the moment and I’d like to mix that up a bit. Even adding more humor! Character voices is a bit out of scope but that would certainly add more dramatic appeal. It’s not too apparent yet but a close guide to what I’m going for tonally is The Addams Family. Creepy, morbid and even a little bit kooky.

More updates soon!